Jun 24, 2010

Silence In Action - Electric Universe

I have been listening to Electric Universe a lot lately...takes you away into outer space leaving you in tranquility. LISTEN!!!

Love the color of this street lamp by my sister's house...always delivers every shot in a captivating burning tone.

How simple things tranforms one's perspective!!!

I wasn't prepared to see such a beautiful display of burning candles when I visited a Gurudwara (house of worship for the Sikhs) for the first time with my friend and her beautiful daughter, last diwali, and somehow managed to take some beautiful shots with my phone camera. Blessed was that day!!!

Fire fire burning last winter in the backyard.

Jun 3, 2010

We Are Not Real If We Dont Appreciate All Beauty

Rose tea that I try to enjoy as often...I always have it in this huge glass and would see how they surface to the brim and gradually lose their color...sometimes, some petals float around reminding me of a beautiful scene from the movie 'Perfume-story of a murderer' where a woman's body is kept afloat in a huge glass tumbler filled with water. The movie haunts yoo crazy.